her solis

Her Solis was born for the sun and nature lovers seeking holistic beauty rituals. Offering a dive deeper into the art of skin healing, blending the power of nature, nutrition, and natural safe skincare, with the touch of lymphatic facial massage. Additionally, we incorporate ancient healing practices like gua-sha, cupping rituals and aromatherapy. Our mission is to create an environment that nurtures your skin and simplifies your skincare routine, enabling you to transform your regimen into a daily ritual.

introducing steph

Combining my 8 years experience as a facialist and Naturopathy studies, I have developed an appreciation and understanding on how to treat the skin holistically. Ever since I was young I have been curious how the use of plants, nutrition and self care has an effect on your body and mind. Going through my own personal skin and health struggles it has fueled my passion to delve deeper into how to heal from the inside out.