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Introducing WHOLE. A fusion of our most requested treatments. FACE & BODY.

In the blend of meditation, energetic healing and lymphatic massage, using techniques like aromatherapy, gua-sha, dry body brushing, and wood therapy. Our primary aim is to leave your mind in a CALM state, coupled with the benefits of sculpting through lymphatic drainage, improved blood circulation and the effective removal of excess fluids and toxins from your body.


GUA-SHA: This results in heightened blood flow and lymphatic drainage, making gua-sha the pinnacle of non-surgical treatments for refining contours, firming, and lifting.

JAW WORK: Adjustments to the muscles inside the mouth and outside the face. By targeting super-tense muscles associated with teeth grinding and a tight, sore jaw, this technique helps relaxation.

FACE & BODY CUPPING: An ancient practice, gentle suction cups alleviate muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic system. This is achieved without stretching or marking the skin.

SINUS & EAR WORK: Offering relief for those dealing with painful blocked sinuses and ears. This method targets pressure points, employing flowing finger movements to drain trapped fluid.

BODY BRUSHING: A practice that involves using a brush to exfoliate the skin, stimulate blood circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage.
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